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2008 Doo Dah Parade

A whole group - pictured here at the mouth of the Doo-Dah parade in which they were about to march - dedicated to bringing back the era of the late seventies - that era dominated by that music called more

Backtodisco Doo Dah 2008 parade image by P.S. Zollo on Flickr





2009 Doo Dah Parade by Eccentric Jeff

2009 Backtodisco Doo Dah Parade by Eccentric Jeff on Flickr





KCET - Backyard Parties

In this issue of webstories, we will explore the rise of backyard parties as we take a look at the evolution of DJ culture from the 1970’s to the present. In each decade we will explore one famous party, tracing the evolution and development of fashion, music and culture in L.A. more

KCET: 1970s Temporary discotheque in back yards.


Featuring the Lightz and Soundz of

As part of his Gallery 727's exhibition, Featuring the Lightz and Soundz of: A 30-Year Survey of DJ Culture in East L.A., Adrian Rivas hosted "Anatomy of the Northeast L.A. Backyard Party," the first in a series of Wednesday night panel discussions involving DJs, promoters, producers, and other leaders and participants of the DJ movement. more

Gallery 727 exibiton of the L.A. Backyard Parties.



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