The Birth of BTD

rev. 2


Here is the story of how BTD came about. Many have already heard it but here it is as suggested by a few people.


I had a friend that moved out of the country and we kept in touch via the first voice-chat system created (Mplayer). We were always trying out new technologies. I had always told him that he had a radio voice and should be a professional DJ or MC. One day he told me that he taken my advice and had his radio station on Live365 so I went and listened. He played mostly Latin and English rock with alot of voice-overs.  I searched for a cumbias station to listen to and found none so I created one and it gradually became  popular. I then told this girl I knew about the station and I had previously given her a few disco cds. She then suggested that I open a disco station also so I searched Live365 and found a few disco stations. They only played the common 70s or Italo and I went ahead and created one that was more specific to the Southern California disco styles. Live365 prompted for the BTD station website URL and I had none. In December, our company closed for the week between Christmas and New Year’s so I caught up on my work. I searched the internet for a website to put on the radio station’s URL link but found none. I made searches on just about every single keyword relevant to our “scene” and not a single link nor reference came up. I couldn’t believe none of it had been documented. I figured that someone should do it and I felt I had enough documentation, knowledge and skills to get it going.

Backtodisco, the name title. Contrary to a singular belief, the name was not taken from the mixed cd sold at the local flea markets. The name was inspired by Theo Vaness’ “Back To Music”. It’s just that the intro in the song pretty much summarized the purpose for the website. The website was created as a result of that extensive search on our unique era and style and the lack of notability on it. It is the first of its kind and was mainly intended as a tribute and base for historical documentation.


Finally, after all the preparations, it went live a couple of days after it was registered in May 13, 2003, with message board and all. It was a  simple design and a lot of material still pending. Some of the first visitors were Joe Panic, Rick Shezoray,  Copa Ray, Ralph Regency,  Marty & Al Cirkis, and a few others. I had a picture of that first message board page but haven’t been able to find it. Eventually, casual mentioning led to constant contemplation  then finally serious organization of a disco reunion --- The Ranch Party !




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