Frank Del Rio

 February 16, 1959 - December 27, 2011

Legendary DJ Frank Del Rio spinning at a BTD party.

FDR was influenced by Saturday Night Fever: having everything he wanted. It was all New York stuff. The styles, the DJs and the music were still too advanced for L.A. and very difficult to mix. It was all live instruments and drums. They didn’t have any electronic equipment such as beat machines.

He joined World Wide Productions in Huntington Park High School led by his partner Marcos whom he joined because they had the same equipment. They merged and became mobile dj “Finesse” and went up against other powerful systems like Pegasus and Audio Climax. Huntington Park, Bell, Maywood was theirs but ventured into East L.A. and surrounding areas. They competed in football games against Playboy Productions and other popular productions of the time around the Copa on Soto Street where Ray was the resident DJ.

Frank Del Rio - Legendary DJ of Circus Disco night club in Hollywood, CaliforniaCircus Disco # 1 DJ

The early 80s had a lot of good disco. When disco was flaunting it’s stuff”. He was in the record pool. Getting a lot of domestic local stuff.

Legendary DJ Frank Del Rio at Fantasia Night Club, Los Angeles.Frank had a sound system and was a lot into Rock n Roll, Boston, Led Zepellin and stuff like that. [he played] A few parties and getting really interested in stuff like that went and purchased some professional equipment.  Thinking EVs, without the Vegas, for the lower end. A friend of his, Ernie Moreno, worked for a sound store and needed somebody to help him at a nightclub in Hollywood named Tropicana. Frank eagerly agreed and thus began his nightclub disc jockey career before moving to Circus Disco in 1988.

He praised Ernie for his mixing abilities and learned a lot from him being partners with him at the Tropicana. “He’s the one that was really good. It was just touching the turntables that was really cool. The pitch was really excellent but him [as well in] the handling  of the mix itself, you know. That’s what really got me going. He was a great dj, awesome. He had a love interest that kind of took him away from his profession. But he became very, very good. Probaby one of the best ones I’ve ever heard."

 Legendary DJ Frank Del Rio at the helm of Club Fantasia's iconic spaceship DJ booth.


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