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Dj Pebo tribute page.


Pebo is one of the most accomplished and respected talents in the L.A. DJ world.  I wanted to point out a lot of his milestone accomplishments before he embarks on a new phase of life across the country.


Pebo is leaving to Puerto Rico in a few weeks to continue his studies and receive his Master's in Spanish so he can teach on a college level. If you know him or have spent time with him, you know he is a motivating presence and will excel in this new venture.

He is a class act, among class acts...... and he is very excited to get underway, having already completed 2 exceptional years of studies here in LA, towards that goal.

I personally met "Peebz" in the late 80's- years after many of his major accomplishments in the DJ world ( and in life, in general ), but I feel honored to be able to recall/list this man's accomplishments.

Here is just a sampling:

• Although affectionately known to his friends as "Pebo, Pipo, P-Dogg, Peebz, etc -  his real name is Jose
• He is a proud father of 2 boys: Anthony & Gabriel
• Pebo is an LA Native, a graduate of Cathedral High School, and a Pepperdine Grad as well.
• He is childhood friends with our own beloved LA mayor , Antonio Villaragosa
• He is a thespian as well, once having played Bill Sykes in a Cathedral High production of "Oliver"
• During the 70's, Pebo worked as a paralegal in the California Atttorney General's office.
• He did NOT start his DJ Career in LA, but in San Juan Puerto Rico, at the legendary Leonardo's Discotheque.
• His nightclub residencies include Wings, Mr. J's, Circus, The Tropicana, La Pantera Rosa, and both Fantasias ( Downtown / Puente Hills), plus the massive LR Car Shows of the mid 90's
• He also was a co-owner of Galaxy Records/Montebello during the early 80's
• He worked at JDC Distribution , in the early 80's
• He has been Vice President of A&R for Thump Records for just under 20 years
• He had produced over 300 compilations for Thump Records including the Circus Disco series, The Old School and Freestyle series
• He was a contributing writer for Lowrider Magazine at one time
• He was a member of the 80's group "STOP" (Wake up, Rendezvous, Come on Dance Ahora) whose international heydey included brief tours in Miami, and Mexico City
• During the 80's/90's - Pebo was one of a handfull of Billboard Magazine reporting dj's in LA- one of the first in fact - a very prestigious honor as a dj
• He represented LA, many times - both in NYC at the New Music Seminar, and in Miami at the Winter Music Conferences, both as a panelist or just "attendee"
• Besides Disco , he is known in reputation as being a smooth mixer/programmer of all genres, but his big love remains Salsa
(oh, and Jethro Tull, too ....)
• Because of his accomplishments- he is regarded as one of the most repected elder statesmen in our art form..... and still has a dj set up / current skills to back that claim up, anytime.

Tribute by: Roquero

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