Marilyn's Backstreet Discotheque


Marilyn's Backstreet Disco resident DJ and mixer Boris GranichMarilyn's Backstreet Discotheque was located on 220 South Lake Avenue in Pasadena. The entrance was in the rear, facing the parking lot, thus the "backstreet". The resident DJ was Boris Granich whose seamless mixing would transport young teens and adults through one seeming continuous mix beginning with a low b.p.m. beat and climaxing with fast, bass-pounding songs. Unlike Michael-Angelo of Gino's II, he stayed within the contemporary disco club hits of the time, varying with New Wave and the like songs. The majority of these songs were being played by only a couple of local radio stations at the height of the late disco era before the "Disco Demolition" in 1979. The rest of the songs only received air time at the KUTE radio station's "underground disco" show starting on weekends beginning at 11:00 p.m. 

As the world shut the door on disco, clubs like Marilyn's, Ginos II, My Uncle's, Circus Disco, etc. etc., kept theirs open as the record producers kept the songs coming. Disco had become a sub-culture. It was not until late 1982 (estimated) that Boris fully embraced New Wave via the trending Ska and Rockabilly styles. Disco eventually evolved into what is now called High Energy and remained the playlist foundation for other clubs in the Los Angeles area such as Circus Disco and Brandi's. Marilyn's had become "preppy".

Marilyn's Backstreet Disco business cardDuring what may arguably be Marilyn's Backstreet Discotheque's best years, 1979 - 1983, it was the hottest spot in the valley, where music dictated attire and attitude. Where lives were transformed. Where teenagers became adults. Where "Rockers/Surfers" and "Homeboys" turned Disco overnight.

Marilyn's was known for the freestyle disco battles. One dancer at at time, not challenging nor "calling out" anyone in particular, just a demonstration of his or her moves (considered "whacking" by today's terminology). Some preferred songs were "Rock It" by Lipps Inc., "Moon Over Moskow" by Visage, "The Visitors (Remix)" by Gino Soccio and "I Feel Love (Patrick Cowley Remix) by Donna Summer.

Owner Marilyn Feldsher, forced by poor health problems,  reluctantly closed the club in August 1992 and is now a Panda Express. It had become an 18 and under club then.

   Marilyn's Backstreet Disco Top 25 List - Nov. 11, 1979 (compiled by Boris). Marilyns Back Street Disco song playlist compiled by Boris Granich


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