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The original Gino's opened in 1976 and was a gay punk club and went strong within the gay community until the club burned down in 1978. D.J Michael Angelo was one of the original D.J's at Ginos 1st club. He then reopened his club on Santa Monica and Vine and renamed it Ginos II.  It was popular within the gay community until approx 1980 when many Hispanics from East L.A and suburbs discovered the music being played by Michael Angelo. At first it was attended by many local D.J's whom would go there to hear upcoming obscure underground disco. Still popular with the gay community, the word started spreading fast. In early 1981 many party goers would go to Ginos II after the local parties would end or get busted, Ginos stayed open until 4 a.m. and let anyone over 16 in, which made this a perfect afterhours. 

About this time Gino himself was smacked over the head by one of the non gay East L.A crowd, this is why from that point on he wore a chrome army helmet which many of you may remember. Now many people think Michael Angelo is solely responsible for all the music he played at his club, this is not entirely true. He was strongly influenced by the D.J's at a popular gay nightclub in the San Francisco area called "THE TROCADERO" mainly by one D.J in particular named Bob Viteritei who some of you may know did the famous remix of "Magnifique" on Disconet. Michael Angelo was very protective of his records and wouldn’t easily reveal titles or artists.

Now by this time many of the gay crowd were very upset with the large amount of non gays from the East L.A area and slowly started taking their business elsewhere. This upset Gino and Michael Angelo who weren’t crazy about the fact their club was being taken over by the East L.A party people as both Michael Angelo and Gino were gay, and many of their lost customers were their friends. This ultimately was the beginning of the end of Gino's II.

Ginos II definitely made a heavy impact on the East L.A party goers.  If you didn’t go to Ginos, you weren’t part of the “in crowd.” Michael Angelo was responsible for bringing many of our favorite disco tunes to Southern California such as Spin It by Sunbelt, Moon Over Moscow, Wonder Woman by J.D Hall, Papa Has A Brand New Pigbag, Disco Connection, and so forth. Many of these songs are still referred to as Ginos Music among many old time D.J's.

Michael Angelo later died of A.I.D.S, several unconfirmed reports that Gino himself was residing in Ontario area working in Mc Donalds. The big question is what happened to Michael Angelo's records? Well, from I have gathered they were left to some of his friends whom also died of A.I.D.S. His records are now scattered all over San Francisco area.





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