The Legendary PEGASUS (1979 - present) - Part 2

 PEGASUS had GREAT camaraderie with other mobile Dj’s.  This was truly a time to be remembered and cherish!!

Mobile DJ Association group photo. Mobile DJ Pegasus was the prominent sound and lights system of the late 70s and early 80 in the   Los Angeles area.

The Casa Camino Real flyer/ticket. Mobile DJ Pegasus was the prominent sound and lights system of the late 70s and early 80 in the Los Angeles area.Some of the earlier venues PEGASUS played at were The Copa (El Sereno) , Tropicana (Hollywood) , Florentine Garden (Hollywood), Pico Rivera Sports Arena (Rock of the 80’s), La Puente Community Center, T-Bird Rollerdome and Carrousel.

Many of the PEGASUS Los Angeles events were held at the Casa Camino Real, E'Bell Hall, Quiet Cannon, Alexandria Hotel, Salon Mazatlan, Hope St. Hall, Ukrainian Culture Center Hall, Hyatt Hotel, Pioneer Gym, Kennedy Hall, Greenleaf Hall, Woman Club-Alhambra, American Legion-Lincoln Heights, Tahitian Village, CYO Hall, Fiesta Palace, Norwalk VFW, The Goodrich Hall, Orange County FairGround Dance Building, just to name a few.

Cesar Denero giving the Pegasus Starburst a lift. Mobile DJ Pegasus was the prominent sound and lights system of the late 70s and early 80 in the  Los Angeles area.

Special thanks to Cesar Denero (aka Cheri Amor/Seville Productions) here at the Rock of the 80’s event. He was one of the original investors of the well-known Star Burst and perhaps the main promoters for PEGASUS.  He was very active and gave that extra PROMOTIONAL BOOST and effort that’s required to pass out hundreds of thousands flyers and posters to advertise the Legendary PEGASUS Events.

Here is a photo at the Alexandria Hotel of DJ Gabriel and the late DJ Gilbert of Risqué.  We had many events with this partnership. The talented DJ’ing skills of Gilbert Guzman and Steve Beltran were an ideal match up with Gabriel of Pegasus. This combination really attracted a very large following...

DJ Gabriel  of Pegasus and Dj Gilbert of Risque at the Alexandria Hotel. Mobile DJ Pegasus was the prominent sound and lights system of the late 70s and early 80 in the Los Angeles area.

Here is a rare photo of Steve (Old Pegasus Roadie) and Joey manning the Lightshow with one our controller boxes. Steve helped us tremendously in the past, we would usually average 20 to 35 PEGASUS roadies assisting with the set up Light and Sound System.

Eventually our DJ equipment increased dramatically in size as time went on.  To give you an idea of the magnitude of equipment we carried and traveled with, we rented a Diesel sized 24’ long Moving truck to accommodate the entire Lighting and Sound reinforcement system.  Many times we drove the truck to Tommy’s Burger stand or Arry’s Burger stand in Whittier after the events in order to treat our entire crew.  Man, we were all exhausted, burned out and starving!

Joey was always so proud to MC the events and perhaps many PEGASUS followers remember how he would introduce us.... "Ladies and Gentlemen, we would now like to turn it over to the LIGHTS AND SOUNDS OF the LEGENDARY PEGASUS! Gabriel would always begin with a captivating, electrifying intro song to get the crowd moving…

Rare photo of Steve (Old Pegasus Roadie) and Joey manning the Pegaus lightshow.Joey would then concentrate on controlling and synchronizing our massive Lightshow with the music of Gabriel at the helm. The hands and arms would ache and become cramped up by the end of the evening.  Manually running the lights to Gabriel's extreme mixing was a very difficult task for Joey, but at the same time something that he really enjoyed and still enjoys.
 **Here is an old clipping we found from a local newspaper.**


Newspaper article clipping of Pegasus Lights and Sounds.

LEFT(Alex Galindo and his Girl Friend, Tiny, Sabie Cerda, Joey Cerda, Danny Cerda and at center/btm Eddie Galindo), CENTER (Center Inez Cerda chatting with Fernando) ** **Right (Tiny, Lety Cerda)

Here are rare vintage photos of us with Tiny (Ex-Cowboy Production associate).  He joined us during our high times with PEGASUS and gave us his full support. He was a bouncer for Joe Sandoval (The Commissioner) back in the days and was very protective of our Little Sister, Lety. Alex and Eddie Galindo were two of the GREAT dancers participating with our group of PEGASUS Dancers. And yes of course Willie (aka Disco Willie) and Auggie were always there to support us, and there were many PEGASUS Dancers.  They would really keep the Dance floor entertained with exotic Arm flashing (Jagging) and aerobatic dancing.

The Casa Camino Real as DJ Systems cover the floor.

Massive crowds at the Casa when Pegasus played. Mobile DJ Pegasus was the prominent sound and lights system of the late 70s and early 80 in theLos Angeles area. The Casa Camino Real…..

was usually packed with party goers and was a place where PEGASUS was usually booked at.  The balcony gave us an unforgettable view overseeing the massive crowds that were overshadowed and mesmerized by the deep and crisp clear Sounds and Light Show.   Gabriel of Pegasus was really hitting and timing the great mixes one after another. You really had to be there to witness and experience this unforgettable moment in mobile DJ History.   Particularly when the lights cascaded over the excited screaming crowds. In order to prevent blackouts the hall owners designed a custom installation high power breaker box on stage to accommodate the electrical requirements. Talk about a forceful amount of electrical juices flowing thru the place!!  At one point, the Hall owners considered actually painting a large Pegasus logo outside the building wall.  During that time, Pegasus was booked at the Casa 3 to 5 times a month and many times on a Friday and Saturday.  Take note of the tickets that was passed out to the regular customers (See below).

**The one and only Original DJ Gabriel of PEGASUS.**

Keep an eye out for the man behind the wall of lights & speakers and you just might see Gabriel of PEGASUS!

We dedicate this story to our one and only mom “Josie”!  Who welcomed and treated every Pegasus roadie as though they were her own family, (many call her mom).  She was our #1 supporter on this adventure and has endured so much of our hardship (blood, sweat and tears) and success during the years.  We all love her so much and is forever in our hearts!

 Another photo of Gabriel in front of the Pegasus speakers.

The Saga continues!

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