The Legendary PEGASUS (1979 - present) - Part 1


The DJ Pegasus speaker towers.The Cerda Family has gathered to share this true story with you. It is a bio and documentary of what started out as a family hobby and later evolved into one of LA’s Best Mobile DJ’s in the late 70’s and 80’s.The success of this venture led to the best years in Mobile DJ History. It is our hope that you relive, reminisce and cherish some of the best parties and friendships ever created during that era!!The family collaboration was and is known as “PEGASUS”. This was a Cerda family project mainly consisting of four brothers Bobby, Gabriel, Joey and Danny. The family has collected and attached rare photo’s to actually paint the picture and illustrate the history behind this legacy. PEGASUS at its peak had a booming following of approximately 500 to 1000 loyal followers for a consecutive 4 to 5 years…. This adventure began when Vinyl records on turntables was the only way that DJ’s performed. This produced the best sounding, high quality/clarity of music! At that time, there were no CDR writers, mp3 players or Ipods. These gadgets hadn’t even been invented.  Of course there were no websites, emails or message boards to spread the word to the thousands of happy party goers…. The passing and receiving of well designed flyers or by word of mouth, a telephone call, and the posting of billboards on street posts or paying for radio spot advertisement, were the only means of promoting parties. "HOLD ON TIGHT, THIS IS WHERE WE SPREAD OUR WINGS AND FLY.... "Bobby - aka "The Founder" Since the beginning, Bobby’s major interest was collecting domestic and imported vinyl records.Bobby was a member of several record pools and would travel to various record stores throughout Los Angeles. He would order imports from New York City, Canada and other foreign countries. Bobby had accumulated an extremely large record collection, which was sorted and stored in massive amount of crates. He is currently adding to this collection by purchasing rare vinyl through Ebay and other great websites. Together, as a family, we decided that the fictitious mythical legend name PEGASUS would be the name our Mobile Dj System. The name PEGASUS is globally used around the world. The name has existed for Centuries as a name for a Constellation and used in Greek Mythology. For us, this powerful legendary creature symbolized our (Cerda Family) adventure to fly to great destinies and would require someone or something of great magnitude to tame.

To start, we designed and fabricated 4 prototype speakers loaded with an internal crossover of Altec Lansing Horn and speaker.  It was pretty basic and worked fine. We also invested in a very large array of Disco Lights. A GREAT  Lightshow consisting of our base Four Border strip and quite a few spinners, beacons, oscillators, strobe lights, etc. etc.

Bobby, who began this hobby, was initially the main DJ for PEGASUS. Here is a rare Photo of Bobby in action. Bobby Cerda, Pegasus' first DJ. The turntables were direct drive and of course not even comparable to the now popular Technics turntables. Please note the original PEGASUS sign, which was designed on an Computer CAD system. This very same sign was later reshaped  and used on the DJ Booth for our many future thriving events.

"HOUSTON, we have a problem!" Our powerful amps were continually overloaded and frazzled the Altec woofers, which just frustrated us. That’s when Bobby decided to go BIG!.

Old Pegasus Amplifier Rack

In 1980, we began a quest for presenting one of the largest Mobile Lights and Sound systems in the Los Angeles vicinity. Bobby invested in this hobby by purchasing a huge sound system with line of various Cerwin Vega speakers varying from the deep B-48, L-36, B-36, to the mid B-119 and up to the High end Altec horns with Cerwin Vega drivers and laced with C.V. piezo. tweeters. This resulted in sounds that were astounding, crisp and clear high ends, sharp snapping mid bass and deep pounding heavy bass. Our setup usually consisted of 3 enormous pyramid stacks of Cerwin Vegas strategically placed around the dance floor.  Most of these purchases came from a company in Burbank called SOUND CHAMBER, Jerry (Manager/Owner) was in the business of designing Night Clubs throughout Southern California and other states/countries.  Much of our lighting equipment was purchased from LITELAB in Culver City and OLSON Stage lighting on (Ivar Street) Hollywood, California.  Unfortunately, all these businesses no longer exist. The famed Starburst was purchased from LITELAB. The original 4 Altec horns were utilized from the original Altec speaker cabinet. We added 4 more horns to complete the set for the other pyramid stack.

The Pegasus Crew A very young Gabriel spinning.











Gabriel at the time was very young.  He was 16 years young and had an unbelievable talent and mastered a Club style mixing of beats, blending and arrangement of music consisting of Disco/High Energy Disco, New Wave and funk.  From this point on, we all agreed that Gabriel would be the only DJ to spin and perform for the crowd pleasing mighty PEGASUS Mobile DJ. He was very selective on the music he played. Gabriel too became an avid vinyl collector with a quest to find the latest and greatest danceable crowd pleasing music.  Gabriel and his good friend Rene (DJ La Vin Rose) would travel and around the LA and Hollywood area shopping at record stores such as Ron’s Record, Prime cuts, Tower records, Roadhouse, Music Plus! Many Mobile Dj's in that area struggled with the club style mixing. At that time, Gabriel became famous for his unique style of mixing. Altec speaker cabinet. We added 4 more horns to complete the set for the other pyramid stack The now widely used Truss stands were either too expensive or not available at that time to prop our four strip lights and lightshow. So we initially devised a Galvanized Pipe rack in order to display our large Light Show.  We later upgraded to Truss stands setup. PEGASUS was at the top of list with quite a few promoters that existed.  A few had pretty unique names such as Cheri Amor Production, Seville Productions, Cowboys Production, Ramon Prod, Tommy Arenas, Party Sweets, Party Happy People (PHP), Rock of the 80’s (Bugsy), United Dj’s Association, Le Vissio all the way to up through Orange County and of course there were many many other popular Productions.

We have huge collection of colorful flyers that were very well designed. These flyers were strategically passed out from the different Productions.  Productions commonly matched PEGASUS with many other Popular Dj’s…. In the early 80’s, PEGASUS was matched up with other DJs with their systems.  DJ’s such as Audio Climax, Vinde Champagne, Brittania, Climax, Ooh La La, Theo Vaness, La Vin Rose, Galaxy, Alpha Surveyor, Face 2 Face, Paradise, Chaz, Hot Shot Disco, Manage a Trois, Butt to Butt are some Djs that we encountered in that era.

In the mid 80’s other Dj’s emerged. We had the pleasure to play on several occasions with Rio De Jenaro, Ultimate Crave, Elektra, Infinity, Magnum, Risque to name a few…. One particular event that stands out is when (Ramon) Production was the first to place Pegasus and Audio Climax together at the Bank of America Hall.  Pegasus, with its Classic Disco and Audio Climax, with their classic New wave sounds. It was a clash of the titans; everybody who was somebody was at this event. The Pegasus Dancers had performed on stage and there were well over 800 partygoers allowed in.  Some of the desperate followers had crashed thru the back glass doors causing major damages to the hall.  It was a party to remember!


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